No.1 Natural Mineral Water

Quench your thirst and keep yourself hydrated with Superior Natural, a promise of purity in your glass. Superior Natural Mineral Water is processed and purified by an imported state-of-the-art water purification technology and follows the international standards under the guidelines of the World Health Organization to reach your satisfaction level.

no.1 natural mineral water
The Nature’s Way

Mineral Composition


25-50 mg/L


10-25 mg/L


20-60 mg/L


6.5-8.5 mg/L
no.1 natural mineral water


20-60 mg/L


0.1-6 mg/L


25-30 mg/L


150-220 mg/L
Superior Natural Water comes in all sizes you need

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no.1 natural mineral water

Delivery Service

Delivering Large 19 litre bottle of Superior Natural Water to your doorstep for your home and office use.

The Nature’s Way

Our Filtration System

With water, there is life. Superior Natural Water is processed and purified by an imported state of art water purification technology. We are following international standards under the guideline of the World Health Organization.
Full Controll
Healthy Composition
6 Filtration Stages
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What our clients say

No.1 Natural Mineral Water
Sidra Khalid

I have enjoyed the packaging that comes in various sizes, my kid loves the 330ml bottle.

No.1 Natural Mineral Water
Ajmal Naveed

The water is very refreshing and feels 100% natural without any preservatives.

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